Become a Grill Master With These 10 Barbecue Tips and Tricks

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10 Barbecue Tips and Tricks You Need to Know This Summer


If summer could have one smell, it would probably be something good cooking on the barbecue. Cooking your favourite foods on the grill is something we all love to do, but every once in awhile we could use some extra barbecue tips and tricks.


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Summer is about soaking in the sunshine and taking advantage of being outside in the beautiful weather. Who wants to be stuck in a stuffy kitchen when you can grill up something delicious?


Not everyone is a grilling master, and that’s okay. This is your summer to become the barbecue pro you’ve always wanted to be.


Your guests will leave happy, full, and satisfied if you follow some of these easy barbecue tips and tricks!


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1. If You Don’t Have a Grilling Brush, Use Aluminum Foil


At the beginning of the summer, you’ll have to give your grill a good brush scraping to clear away residue from last season. But if you don’t have a barbecue brush, you can use aluminum foil as a replacement.


Just crumple the foil into a ball and then use the ball to scrape the grill. Easy!


2. Grilling Isn’t Just for Meat and Veggies


Would you be surprised if we told you there is a world of items you can barbecue, from grilled cheese to pizza?


Think outside of the box next time you choose the menu for your barbecue. You’d be surprised how many things actually taste better when they’ve been grilled rather than cooked in the oven.


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3. Don’t Flip Your Food With a Fork


It might seem faster just to flip your meat or veggies over with a fork if you’ve got one sitting nearby.


However, you should only flip food with a spatula or tongs. This is because using a fork could puncture the food, allowing tasty juices to escape. For maximum flavour and texture, stick to the tongs.


4. Don’t Sauce up Right Away


When it comes to sweet, sugary sauces, like barbecue sauce, applying at the beginning means burning the sauce before the meat is fully cooked. For best results, apply sauce in the last 5 to 10 minutes of barbecue time.


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5. Use a Good Marinade


Marinades do more than just infuse flavour into your meats or veggies. They can also help keep the texture you want as it cooks, without too much of the smoke going into the food. In addition, they also help make sure bacteria stays away from your food.


There are tons of great marinade recipes and ideas on Pinterest, so start your search there.


6. Keep Your Skewers Together


No matter what you put on your kebabs or skewers, whether it’s meat or veggies, you want it to be juicy. The best way to make sure your food stays juicier for longer is to make sure the items on the skewer are touching.


Don’t squish them together, but make sure they are close to keep in the juices.


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7. Invest in a Grill Basket


A grill basket can help prevent some food items from falling through the grate and becoming consumed by the inferno of your barbecue. Wasted food is wasted money, after all.


Use the basket to cook smaller food items, like fruits and veggies. This way, nothing is wasted and it’s easier to flip multiple items at once.


8. Use a Thermometer


Not everyone has the money to buy a good meat thermometer, but it’s a good idea to invest in one. This will help you make sure the internal temperature is safe for your friends and family to eat.


The last thing you want is someone getting food poisoning on your account, so avoid the risk altogether.


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9. Keep The Lid Closed


The more often you open the lid to peek at your food, the longer it’ll take to finish cooking. Just like with an oven, the more heat you let escape, the harder your machine has to work to get back to the right temperature.


So stop peeking and only open the lid when you need to!


10. Leave Grease on the Grill at the End of the Summer


When it comes time to sadly shut the lid and take your cooking inside at the end of the summer, don’t waste time cleaning your grill.


Leaving some grease on the grill until next summer will help prevent your grill from rusting over the winter. This helps prevent the unexpected costs of having to buy a new one, or a replacement part, next summer.


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